Aurora Australis from Perth, WA – 20th February 2014

Aurora Australis from Perth Western Australia, so faint it wasn’t visible out in the field visually or distinguishable on the camera, rather only evident as moving pillars of pink flicking between frames on the PC at home. The Aurora Australis occured between 8:15pm and 9pm on the 14th February. The rising moon then started to brighten the sky and wash out the aurora.


Perth Observatory Night Sky Horizon

Perth Observatory Night Sky Horizon
Perth Observatory Night Sky Horizon. A quick snap from last night after the public star viewing night (SVN). The half moon was shining very bright, together with light pollution causing the blue shading of the night sky.

Sunset Field

Sunset FieldCan you hear it ? The rustle of dry grass in the moderate wind, the Bose SoundLink pumping out Pink Floyd tunes, as the sun sets over the WA Wheatbelt.


Lake Leschenaultia full and overflowing

I took a ride to Lake Leschenaultia for the first time in a month or so and was surprised to see how full it is currently, probably the fullest I have seen it. There’s a steady flow of water in from the surrounding wetlands and streams, and a steady flow out over the overflow.

Kids were having a great time at several spots around the shore but particularly the overflow, using nets to see what they could find in the water.

A few photographs of the lake full and overflowing are below.