I enjoy setting myself astronomy projects, goals to achieve with real outcomes to keep or provide to the scientific community. This page provides a starting point from which to browse my astronomy projects.

  • Project NGC – A project to photograph ever NGC object visible from the location of my observatory in Perth, Western Australia. Aim: Achieve a higher level of automation to facilitate future science projects.
  • Hubble Deep Field South – A project to photograph the same field of view as that which the Hubble Space Telescope photographed and found many undiscovered galaxies. Aim: Identify what an amateur astronomer can detect in such a deep photograph.
  • Comet Nucleus Rotation Observations – A project in collaboration with an Italian astronomer with the aim of observing the rotation of comet nuclei.
  • Supernova Searching – A project to regularly observe thousands of galaxies for potentially new supernova. Aim: Further extend the automation capabilities of my observatory and benefit science with the discovery of new supernova stars in other galaxies.
  • Occultation recording and timing – An ongoing attempt to record occultations particularly those of trans-Neptunian objects and report data of scientific relevance. I have participated in several Pluto occultation events reporting data to Bruno Sicardy of the Paris Observatory.
In the future I hope to be involved in:
  • Exoplanet observation and discovery
  • Minor planet observation and discovery
  • Gamma Ray Burst observations