About Me

This is the website of Roger Groom.

Roger Groom of Western Australia is a software developer/consultant by day, astrophotographer and amateur astronomy researcher by night, and landscape & nature photographer by weekend. Sound like a lot? well, I’ll sleep when I’m dead!

My photographic and astronomy experience started in the late 1990’s with the purchase of my first camera (a second hand Pentax SP1000) and first telescope (114mm Newtonian). Since then I have been incrementally expanding my experience and equipment to arrive at my current situation.

During 1999 – 2005 I ran a market stall at the Kalamunda Markets where I successfully sold prints of landscape, macro, nature and astrophotography, as well as products such as gift cards, gift tags and mugs featuring photography. This ended when time requirements meant I needed to choose between the stall and other activities. I still sell my prints on-line on an on-demand basis.

Most photographs on this site are available for purchase as rolled prints and canvas. I also sell astrophotography via my www.AstroPhotography.com.au website. If you wish to purchase photography from www.RogerGroom.com please contact me.

I am happy to grant copyright use of images once a copyright agreement is signed. Use may require payment of a small fee depending upon the scenario in which the images will be used.

My interest in astronomical research started later than my photographic interest, in about 2005. Since then I have enjoyed being part of a strong amateur astronomy research community where my data from occultations, supernova observations and comet observations have contributed towards published papers and the greater scientific community.

I also run Astro Observatories Western Australia, a company specialising in remote-hosting of telescopes and observatories under the dark skies of the Central Wheatbelt region of Western Australia, so if you are looking for somewhere in Australia to host a telescope and use it rmeotely, please consider Astro Observatories Western Australia.