Comet Photography

This page provides links to my comet photography pages. Each page contains details and photographs of the particular comet.

Photographs are taken from Perth, Western Australia in the southern hemisphere. Each page outlines technical information of the photographs captured including telescope and camera used.

Comets Photographs:

My intention for some time has been to run an automated comet survey, monitoring all known comets brighter than magnitude 19. This was started and running for a few months in 2012 however scheduling complexities have temporarily put a hold to this.

I am currently writing software which downloads the latest comet information, calculates best observing time and altitude, tells me the ideal time to photograph the comet, and builds it in to my CCD Commander scripts at that time. This is progressing well with the calculating bit done but the inclusion in a CCD Commander script still in progress. I hope to kick start this program in Q1 of 2013.