Dinner at Lake Leschenaultia

Lake Leschenaultia
Lake Leschenaultia. This photograph would make an absolutely beautiful large wall print. Perhaps a high gloss acrylic or aluminium print.


The other night we took fish & chips to the local Lake Leschenaultia, to watch the sunset and enjoy the peace and quiet. It’s pure serenity at the lake late in the afternoon and evening when the crowds have gone home but the gates are still open. The wildlife is incredibly active – birds, tortoise, fish, frogs. Fascinating to watch the goings-n. The photographs above show the nice twilight colours over Lake Leschenaultia after the sun had set, together with some of the water birds. If you look closely you will see dragonfly and disturbances in the water surface from tortoise. For more Lake Leschenaultia photography (available as canvas and art prints if you wish) see a small selection of my work here.