Boranup Forest

The Boranup Forest area near Margaret River is an area of predominantly Karri Forest between the capes of Leeuwin (south) and Naturalist (north). This forest is well known in the area as it is one of relatively few areas of Karri forest remaining in the highly developed capes area.

In contrast to the Karri Forests of further south such as Pemberton, Shannon, Northcliff and Walpole, the Boranup Forest contains largely trees of one age, having al been logged at the similar time many years ago. This results in a particular look to the forest where the majority of Karri trees are the same girth and height. In some ways this leaves the Boranup Forest as the poor cousin to the larger forests further south, and indeed my preferred focus is on the old growth and mixed age forests of the more southern regions. However one cannot avoid photographing the picturesque Boranup Forest when travelling through the Margaret River area.

Being in the heart of the south-west capes tourist region the Boranup Forest is very popular for tourists and as such has countless photographs of the area available for purchase or taken by tourists themselves. Here on this page I have a selection of photographs I have taken in Boranup Forest. All images are available for purchase as prints (rolled, framed, canvas rolled, canvas stretched – contact me for details) or as digital media for authorised use (contact me to apply for digital use).

Boranup Forest Karri Trees and Road Boranup Forest Karri Tree Boranup Forest Karri Tree with Sunlight