Jacoby Park

Jacoby Park at Mundaring Weir is a favourite location of mine, not far from home. Great for photography, picnics, BBQ’s (BYO wood), walking (walk tracks start & end at the park) and the odd bit of RC car driving 🙂 This page contains a few photo’s from the park.

Important information if you visit Jacoby Park for a picnic: Take your own firewood! And if you turn up there without firewood but need a fire, drive 15mins to Mundaring & back to get some from the petrol station, don’t deforest the park just for your lunch. Think about all the other people that might do the same every other day and the impact that has on the park.

Photograph of Autumn Colours in Jacoby Park by Roger Groom
Autumn Colours in Jacoby Park by Roger Groom
Jacoby Park at Mundaring Weir in June. Most of the deciduous trees have lost their leaves for the winter.
Poplar Trees at Jacoby Park at Mundaring in Western Australia. I love the deciduous trees against the rich blue sky. Reminds me a little of Japan in the winter too.
Oak Tree at Jacoby Park, aproximately 143 years old.
Oak Tree Canopy at Jacoby Park.
Flowers at Jacoby Park. I will overlook the fact that these are weeds and consider them nice only for their photogenic nature!
Flowers at Jacoby Park in Mundaring, Western Australia.
Jacoby Park Panoramic taken back in 2003 (using Velvia film).