Gantheaume Point and Town Beach, Broome

This photography gallery contains photographs of the stunning Gantheaum Point and beautiful Town Beach areas of Broome, Western Australia.

Gantheaum Point is one of the few very accessible places in Western Australia where the red “dirt” and rocks of rugged Australia meet the blue cool waters of the Indian Ocean. This makes for some great photographic opportunitites. Gantheaum Point is also the site of dinosaur footprints where at low tide you can explore and find the footprints yourself.

Photograph of Gantheaume Point with sunset colours
Gantheaume Point with sunset colours near Broome in Western Australia. Taken at low tide the rocks exposed contain dinosaur footprints.
A photograph of Gantheaume Point with storm clouds in the distance, near sunset. A sea plane flies over returning from a tour, probably to the Horizontal Waterfalls.
Photograph of Dinosaur Footprints at Gantheaume Point, Broome Western Australia
The conditions were not ideal for photography at Gantheaume Point with overcast weather and mud heavily covering the low tide rocks. We were still able to find two sets of dinosaur footprints though, and remove enough mud to make them obvious in a photograph.
A photograph of Town Beach, Broome Western Australia
Town Beach, Broome Western Australia. The coarse red sand and shells with a wave washing in.
The Sun Pictures Cinema in Broome, Western Australia. Such a wonderful historic building, it must have shown so many movies over the years!