Dampier Peninsula, Broome, Western Australia

This gallery contains photographs of the Dampier Peninsula in Western Australia, taken while on a Kimberley Aviation “Pearling Pioneers” air-land-boat tour. North of Broome in the north-west of Western Australia this rugged coastline makes for many spectacular photographic opportunities.

Photograph of the Dampier Peninsula from the air

Photograph of the Horizontal Waterfall
Photograph of the Horizontal Waterfall in the Kimberley of Western Australia
Photograph of coastline of King Sound
Coastline of the King Sound in the north of Western Australia. Notice the low tide. We were there on the day of one of the highest tides of the year – it sure rose later at high tide!
Photograph of Coastline of the Dampier Peninsula, Western Australia
Western coastline of the Dampier Peninsula. Believe it or not the colours & levels in this photograph are only very slightly altered from the original RAW captured on-camera. The vibrancy of the red up-stream and blue ocean was strikingly obvious in person.
Photograph of James Price Point
A photograph of shoreline near James Price Point to the north of Broome, Western Australia. This is near the site of the controversial once-proposed gas processing hub. This is probably my favorite photograph out of the series. I like the slightly abstract take, composition and the combination of colours.
A photograph of James Price Point
James Price Point, north of Broome in Western Australia. The deep blue of the water, rust colour of the mudflat/reef, red of the sandy cliffs and green of the coastal scrub is wonderful.
Photograph of Cable Beach
Cable Beach of Broome, Western Australia with an iconic camel train travelling between four wheel drive vehicles parked on the beach, as low tide approaches.