Stars with Lightning & Storms 2006

Twice a year ASWA holds an “Astro Camp” at Dryandra, about 2 hours drive south-east of Perth Western Australia. Often we are lucky to have two clear nights of nice dark viewing and astrophotography but on some occasions it just doesn’t work out that way.

This time in 2006 there was a spectacular storm which rolled through the area. Initially the evening was clear, so a large number of people were out on the observing field with their telescopes. When the storm started approaching you can imagine the hurried packing up of gear. As it turns out the storm went around our location and we stayed dry, but the group of us out on the observing field photographed a great lightning show which was mixed with clear patches of sky allowing stars to shine through.

It is this kind of reason I always go to Astro Camp regardless of weather, as you just never know what will happen and what opportunities may present themselves. Besides, it’s a relaxing place to spend a weekend.