Photographs of Comet C/2012 K6 (McNaught)

This page contains photographs of the comet C/2012 K6 (McNaught).

Comet C/2012 K6 McNaught with PGC 45404 etc; 2013-06-10T11:26:44.779UTC; 12” SCT @ 2200mm, ST8-XME @ 1×1 ~0.86 arc sec/pixel; 9 x 300s; Composite of processed images. All nine images were stacked twice, median aligned on the stars and add (sum) aligned on the comet. The two stacks were layered in photoshop with the comet aligned at the midpoint of its trail during the exposures. What a nice set of galaxies this field contains, three PGC galaxies brighter than magnitude 18 identified, many others I have no designation at hand for.